can baby rabbits have timothy hay


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Mar 5, 2017
hi im sorry about all of the forums that ive made about rabbits just trying to get all of the info i can before my baby comes im a first time rabbit owner and i really want to do everything right so ive read that alfalfa hay is good for baby bunnys but ive read thats not a good hay to feed and that timothy hay is good for adult rabbits so is timothy hay ok for baby rabbits thanks so much for your help
Alfalfa has a high protein content, making it a great choice for growing babies and pregnant/nursing does. It is too rich for fully grown, mature adults. Any sort of hay is better than no hay at all. I'm horribly allergic to timothy and orchard hays, so I only use it if it's all the feed store has in stock. I prefer bales of Western grass blend. Buying a bale of hay is much cheaper that buying the smaller packages from the pet stores.
on the bottom of the rabbit hutch what kind of bedding should i put on the floor thanks for your help
Depends on the hutch. If it's sitting directly on the ground, you'll need to attach some welded wire fencing to prevent digging out and escapes. If it's wire flooring, you don't really need any bedding. If it's got a tray or other type of flooring then you'll want pine shavings, wood pellets, or paper pulp. Cedar shavings are toxic and cotton fiber can cause intestinal blockage.
Thanks for your help I’m not sure how old she will be the seller just said they will be off of the mother’s milk and ready to sell in a week and a half
thanks this will be my first bunny im super excited we are gonna build a hutch soon and get it all ready before the fluffy baby comes is there anything i should know before getting the baby rabbit thanks so much

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