Can Bobwhites and Ringnecks be raised together?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by birddog316, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. birddog316

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    Nov 10, 2011
    I am building a 45 by 25 foot flying pen with double door access for my quial this weekend...eventually I want to add ringnecks to the bunch but am wondering if anyone here raises both birds in the same type of pens?

    I can seperate them by building a go-between door if needed but feel since they are being raised on the ground it might be a hassle to walk through their environment and possibly trample nest/eggs...

    The pheasents aren't planned until next year (March 2012)so i do have time but i am somewhat space limited on building 2 seperate flying pens...hence the idea of raising them in one.
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    Wow, sounds like a great aviary environment for your Bobs! I keep my bob's in aviaries and love to hear when others do it too. As far as mixing pheasants and bobs, I don't think disease would be an issue here. However pheasants are larger than bobs and some male pheasants can be aggressive and could kill the bobs. That does not mean you can't mix the two, however I would be a bit leery of keeping them together until you know you have gentle pheasants. You could always try it out and if it didn't work, you could divide the pen into to aviaries. Good luck with your new venture!

    Oh and [​IMG]
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    I think that they will leave each other alone if there is enough food, and cover.
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    I would keep you populations low to keep agression and space competition to a minimum but, that size pen should be ok for a few of each. I would keep the pheasant up 10 or so birds and the bobs under 20 or 30. [​IMG] and the quail forum! I want to see pics and updates too!

    ETA: If it were me I would plant some bluestem and other praire grass in there and also go out and chop down 2 or 3 ~6' red cedars (actually a type of juniper) and throw those in for cover too. I don't know if that would be an option in your area though.
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  5. birddog316

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Well i live in Lexington N orth Carolina and a guy down the road from me raises Bobs himself but he does in a barn/shed type of thing so the birds are on the ground but in an enclosed dusty area which i told him gives greater risk of avian influenza to himself....He also has a slanted long wire pen off the ground and the slant is to catch the egss as they are layed so he can gather them and incubate them...

    My plans are to start a small covey of 6 birds (2 females I already have...the male I had died 2 days ago)-- they are being temporarily housed in a rabbit hutch til i get the pen up today and tommorow....I plan to provide cover of downfall brush and plan to let the hens lay naturally and hatch the young as they would in the obective is to keep these birds as wild as possible to further insure good training for my dog (a springer/field spaniel mix)..

    These will be primarily meat birds but i also do hobby taxidermy so I am providing my own birds to mount and sell...being 1/25 Native American it is ingrained in me to not waste any part of any animal I raise or cultivate/hunt/use.

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