Can chickens be picky about what they eat?

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    Nov 4, 2009
    This morning one of my two hens is bawking off and on - kinda loudly which is bothering me as we are in a neighborhood and I don't want to disturb anyone. Personally I don't mind at all but this is 'weird' bawking as she never does this. [​IMG]

    I noticed that she is not eating the Layena nor the scratch I gave her - she did eat lettuce and a fiber cracker I broke up - I now feel like I have to go to the feed store today and get some other type of food! She's been fine all these month up til now!! What gives? Maybe it's not a food thing at all - but she seems not to like Layena anymore. I feel she is HUNGRY!!! My other hen is fine... she bosses over this one so maybe she is 'telling' her not to eat!


    Thanks for any input!!!!! I like contentment in the backyard. [​IMG]

    Ok - it seems quiet out there now----- maybe it was something else bothering her.
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    Is it a new bag of feed/scratch or possibly got wet some how? It may be moldy or something might be wrong with it. If she has been fine up till now that my be the problem. I'd check it. Other than that I would have know idea. Just a thought. I'm pretty new to raising chickens.
  3. Fred's Hens

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    Red hens can get like this. Just do. They get "mouthy". Some just keep getting noisier and there's no stopping them.

    I know this, no hen will stop eating for long, unless there is something seriously wrong, which I doubt in this case. If they think more treat food is coming, they'll wait it out, leaving their pellets sit. When they get hungry? Usually, within 24 hours? They'll eat it. Funny chickens.

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