Can chickens become frizzled?

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    [​IMG]My Rhode Island red hen Mel molted and now her feathers are frizzled. Is this normal or a phenomenon?
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    The Princess happened by as I clicked on. Her response to your bird, "That's really scary." Forgive her she used to be a city girl.

    I think your hen's feathers will smooth out once the molt is complete.
  3. Silvia2234

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    Mel is done molting and her tail is just getting it's length back. I think it's odd. Rare phenomenon.
  4. PeepersMama

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    No, she isn't even close to done molting yet. It also looks like her feathers are wet in the picture. Giving them a handful of mealworms once a day will help speed things up, and make it easier for them to grow them in.

    As far as I know, RIR's don't have a frizzle variety, so it is very unlikely that she will ever become frizzled. Usually frizzles only come in cochin bantams, polish, japanese bantams, plymouth rocks, and silkie frizzles are called "sizzles." You can tell if a chicken is frizzle when they are very young; about a week old, and it is immpossible for a chicken to grow in smooth feathers, and then molt out frizzled.

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