can chickens brake there legs?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by silkie4300, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. silkie4300

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    Feb 2, 2014
    hi , my mum left the chickens togeth in a coop (silkies and r.i.r) the r.i.r have beaten up bellatrix and she is limping we brang her inside and washed her and let her roam around but she is limping and moaning about her leg if you get what

    if it is broken should i slit it with a stick or take it 2 the vets???????
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    If it were broken, it would be dangling, she would refuse to step on it or couldn't step with it. If she is just limping with it, she probably strained or sprained it. Keep the bird in a small cage where she can not move around too much. Food and water right near by. This way, she will stay off the leg and hopefully it will heal. Keep her in this cage for a week or 2.

    If you do have a vet you can take her too, it never hurts to do so. But again, in the meantime, keep her quiet in a small cage so she has limited movement for a few weeks.

    Great to have you aboard and enjoy BYC!
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! TwoCrows gave you good advice, good luck with your girl.
  4. [​IMG]
    TwCrows gave some good advice! You can also post in the "Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries and Cures" section of the forum! Good luck!
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    Alright [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]
  6. sourland

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    Welcome to BYC - big chickens beat up little chickens. You may need to put your silkies in a separate pen or the RIR may seriously injure or kill them.
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  8. silkie4300

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    Feb 2, 2014
    she has got a lot better and has been limp walking so hopfully will be beter soon

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