Can chickens eat wasps and bees (safely)???

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    My little barred rock pullet and I both spied a wasp sluggishly walking up the side of the coop this afternoon. Not wanting her to eat it, I dived for it to knock it away, but she was quicker. I didn't actually see her eat it, and thought maybe she'd actually missed it and just knocked it into the weeds, but she didn't go looking for it. So I guess she did eat it. I watched her for several minutes to see whether she'd have a reaction, but didn't see any distressed behavior. So I guess I'm wondering how it's possible that a chicken could eat something like that without getting stung on the way down???? It really freaked me out... [​IMG]
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    My chickens won't eat them, among a few other insects like stink bugs (darn it all). I imagine that if one did go down it wouldn't last long against the flora & fauna of the crop, as well as the churning of the grit in there. If she didn't show any ill effects within 15-20 minutes, she's fine; even if she did eat it. [​IMG]
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    Oh, I'm not worried about her now (although I was when it happened), but thank you for the support [​IMG]. I'm just wondering how that's possible to eat something like that without getting stung...???
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    I wouldn't worry, mine cleaned out a whole nest of ground bees, and I've seen them snap bees right out of the air.
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    my chickens eat everything they find in the yard and there all still living! (grubs, bees,ants, flys, earthworms, stink bugs, cadidies(sp?)and so much more there is no bugs left in my back yard LOL [​IMG]
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    yea mine do that to you could watch them for hours chasing flys and bees and whatever else flys. Very Funny.

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    Mine wont eat the woolly worms. Turkeys or the chickens. Anybody elses chickens snub them?
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    Our handyman sprayed a HUGE wasp nest in our pole barn with Raid and there were dead wasps all over the ground. Must have been over 50 of them. [​IMG]

    He just kept working and the girls, especially my lil bantam D'Uccle loved to keep him company. I saw the in town girls out there and ran out and asked if we shouldnt cover the wasps up so they wouldnt eat them. Looked around, too late...there were three of my girls, the D'Uccle included with their crops bulging from eating those stupid wasps.

    I freaked thinking they would die any minute, watched them very carefully and they were fine to see if they showed signs of illness, etc. I really was worried, but apparently they ate enuff other stuff that day that the poison AND the wasps werent a problem.

    Wouldnt recommend this unless you want hours of worry and a sleepless night. [​IMG]
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