Can chickens harbor poison or disease...?


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Apr 13, 2018
I have an emergency. Could be life threatening.

I just killed some of my chickens for meat and I left some of the innards and other parts outside exposed to flies. I noticed that most of the flies that have come to feed are 'DEAD' and some flies are flying around all dizzy and confused. Like they are suffering or about to die.

I have never seen this kind of behavior before with flies on a dead carcass/food source. Usually...most flies will just fly away after feeding or when the carcass is disturbed. But with these flies...they are DYEING in a lot of numbers on the exposed innards. And most that do fly away...are flying around confused and dizzied.

I am really 'SCARED' for my life.

1. Did the flies contract some kind of 'disease' or poison from the chickens innards/parts...?
2. Can chickens harbor disease or poison without any ill effects...?

Some caveats...

A. I have some fly/rat poison traps hanging around the chicken coop. There are dead flies everywhere in the traps. My guess is that the chickens could be eating dead flies that drop down from the traps.

B. I have a rat problem. The rats live under and around the chicken coop. I know that for a fact...rats are a harbor/carrier for disease. Also...rat droppings harbor/carry disease too.

C. The chicken coop isn't the cleanliest and there is a lot of droppings in the coop mixed with feed on the ground that the chickens still eat from.

Could rat droppings be to blame (i.e. rat droppings in chicken feed or coop floor and than the chickens eat feed infected with rat droppings and than become infected themselves)...?

Why aren't the chickens themselves showing any symptoms of disease or poison...? They seem perfectly fine.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior before with flies on a dead carcass/food source...? I am really scared for my life as well as my family and others who might eat my chickens.



May 23, 2018
well flies only live for about 28 days and it takes 12 days for it to mature, but i would cook the chicken pretty well it will burn any disease or poison. (SHOULD) :idunno:confused:

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