Can chickens live in the same yard as goats?

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    Nov 7, 2012
    My brother wanted me to ask this question. I really don't think they can consistantly live together. If one flies over into the goat's pen, I don't think a nanny goat would do much. But chickens living consistantly with goats in the same yard might be tricky. I would think the goat's might try to eat the eggs!...LOL! What do you all think?
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    Yes they can- I investigated this for myself awhile back when we thought about getting goats.

    You DON'T want the goats to have access to your chicken feed. So if you can figure a way to have a quick step up inside the chicken coop to keep out goats, just beyond the pop door, or some such thing, it is best. In other words to keep the goats out, but they can squeeze through a small hole. I am not sure how this is done. You might look into it.

    What I had considered was to have a "food coop" that was just well nigh impossible for the goats to enter.

    Additionally, you don't want the chickens roosting over the goats, as they will poo on them.
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