Can chickens raise ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Lauren Kim, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Can chickens actually raise ducks?

    On this YouTube channel, A Chick Called Albert, someone made a video on a childless chicken(hen), wanting to have fertilized eggs. But they didn't have any roosters. Still, the chicken warmed and sat on her empty eggs. Until they decided to give her one fertilized egg. But it was no chicken.
    It was a duck.

    Despite the fact that the egg was a duckling(the hen smelled and knew it wasn't her egg), she cared for the egg and knew exactly when it was going to hatch. She helped the little duckling hatch and when it did, she considered the duckling as her own child. The hen called the duckling when it was time for lunch, she called the duckling to stay out of the water. They were a beautiful family.

    And they were also tolerable with each other. Even if they saw each other as a snack. The hen often pecked and bit at the duckling's toes, mistaking them for worms. And the duckling, not aware of the world because of it's youth, tried to eat the hen's eyelids. But it was still exactly like a mother-daughter relationship, really, it made me so happy.

    If you want to see this video, this is the link:

    I hope you enjoyed the story!
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    Yes, as your story shows, absolutely. Many chicken hens have raised ducklings.

    However, it is not advisable for a duck hen to raise chicks. She will try to take them into the water, and they may drown.

    But many BYCers have successfully raised ducklings with good brooding hens. (Though the hen is a bit confused at why her babes are swimming all the time!)
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    Awesome story!! And fantastic quality to your video! Love the music selections. Good job, with the story.
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    Yes, chickens can raise ducks. I have heard that its pretty funny when the babies see a puddle and are swimming around in it and the mama is freaking out!
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  5. Yes, my Hubands Grandmother used her Chickens to raise her meat Ducks all the time...
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  6. I've had many many hens hatch and raise ducklings.
    The water thing does always happen. The hens will run around in a complete panic. I never saw anything funny or amusing about it.
    And yes a duck will lead chicks into water and they drown or die from exposure.
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