can Coccidiosis be spread to other chicks?


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May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
can Coccidiosis be spread to other birds that have been and are still being fed medicated food? I have a chick that I think may have it, the only symptoms she displays, is bloody poo. it's happened a few times now in the last week. we just got this group last week, at first, I thought it was just a shedding of the intestinal walls, but it seems too frequent for that. I think we found the sick one, she had blood around her vent. She has NO other symptoms though. When we got these they were raised with momma & daddy, and free ranged. I don't know what to do?
yes it can be spread - which is why you treat the flock if you have it.
How old is your chick? You can treat the entire flock with Corid or Sulmet. But it could also be worms as well. Unless you get a fecal float done, there isnt a sure fire way to be positive it is cocci (but its likely).

Can you take a picture of the droppings?
Yes - most meds are not specific for chickens - they are crossover medications

you wont need a huge bottle so try to find the smallest bottle you can find so it wont go to waste. Or you can see if anyone on here has small amounts for sale in vials (they might).
go to First State Vet supply and get Amprol liquid, in the meantine put powdered milk in their feed TODAY this will help coat the intestines and stop further bleeding (I think powdered goats or sheep works best but cow is fine) The Amprol works well I think and is not as toxic as sulmet

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