Can County destroy flocks?


8 Years
Jul 8, 2012
So Cal
I have a sick chicken that I took to the vet. She has some sort of CRD but not sure which one. Took her to the vet & the vet informed the County Dept of Public Health (Los Angeles). The County wants to get samples to test for diseases. I have no problem with that because I really want to know what this disease is that has been plaguing my flock for months off & on, plus the testing is free. But my neighbor is saying they will come & destroy all the chickens. He runs a chicken ranch & there are around 1000 chickens here (his and others who rent space here).

Now my dilemma is, do I proceed with the testing? I thought they can only destroy for Exotic Newcastle's Disease or Avian Influenza, but I've only raised chooks for a year & a half whereas my neighbor has done this for many years. I do not want to be responsible for the destruction of all the chickens here. Please help.

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