Can Coyotes jump a 5-6 foot vinyl fence


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
Coyotes have been coming down to our neighborhood. I think my chickens are ok, because our whole back yard is fenced with a 5-6 foot vinyl fence. I have to confess if the coyotes got in my yard it would might be easy from them to get in the run, once in the run they would have open access to the coop. I know when animals get hunger they can do some amazing things, that you would not think possible. I not really worried about it right now, because the fields are full of mice and birds. I more worried about the winter month coming soon. It's doesn't help my worries that the coyotes have been just outside my fence howling in the early morning hours. So I would like to know what other people have seen from coyotes.
I would think a Coyote could jump a fence that high.Coyotes are pertty smart and be able to figure out how to get over the fence.getting your chicken is alot easier then catching mice and voles.So I would take precautions.
Wow, I did not know that they could jump that high. I don't know why, but it bugs me to no end the the coyotes are so close (I hate their howls) and with or without chickens in my back yard I don't like thinking that they can just jump right in my yard. They really, bug me. I grow up in Wyoming and never saw a coyote until I moved to ID. Wow. It looks like I have some work to do.
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Here is a video that shows a coyote easily jumping about a 4 1/2-foot fence.

A coyote probably would jump a 6-foot fence if it wanted to get to something, such as chickens.
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I live in the city limits and gun shots are not allowed. I will have to make sure my chicken run is safe. Right now the only thing I can do is lock up their coop at night and I will have to work on their run.
No raccoons in my neighborhood, yet. There is no water for them and not enough trees. My neighborhood used to be old dry farmland, so no trees, but new ones people have planted. I do think they around in other neighborhoods, but have no safe place to live or safe way travel to my neighborhood. So I might need to worry about them in the future, but not right now.

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