Can crooked toes be fixed in baby chicks?

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    May 18, 2010
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    I ordered several baby chicks from a hatchery early this summer. I noticed that several of my chicks had crooked toes. Can you fix them? I realize it is probably too late for this batch, but what about day old chicks with this problem in the future? Can this be passed on genetically or is it only due to incubation problems? Thanks!
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    Yes it can be fixed and it may not be too late for the older ones... I call them toe sandalls but you can make boots to correct the toes, Take a circle of card board bigger than the chicks foot and cut the sticky part from a band-aid, place the toe correctly on the card board, Tape them down with the band-aid and press down in between the toes, Make shure the toe is in the correct position and.... TADA a striaght toe (after about a week of treatment) ((resuts may vary)) lol it works though

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