Can ducks eat too much and become overweight?


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May 25, 2011
Is it possible for a baby mallard to eat too much? I was under the impression that I should just feed him whenever he much as he wants. How would I be able to tell if he was eating too much? He is only a week old. He is eating unmedicated duck feed and he also eats whatever he finds in the lake.

Thanks for any help!
I don't think it's possible for them to overeat, at least when they're little. When you take into account how fast they grow, it's no wonder they eat a lot! The only think I would watch out for is if he hasn't had food available and you give him some. He may eat it too fast and choke (I don't think this is a major problem though). Also, they need water whenever they have food. I noticed you said that he spent time at the lake. At this age, I would be very careful with him by the lake; ducklings can drown very quickly.

In regards to your other posting, people use mirrors, stuffed animals, feather dusters, even ticking clocks for company. However, the best company is going to be another duckling around the same age. Is there any way you can get another?
Thanks for your reply. He does eat a lot and I was a bit concerned I was feeding him too much. Since all of his siblings are gone, I really don't have a way to get him a friend. My hope is to get him back into the wild as soon as I can. We live on a small lake and when I take him, he pretty much hangs out right by the edge. I have my chair sitting right there with him since it is my backyard!
I just gave him a mirror and he has been chirping nonstop since he got it.
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