Can EE chick be solid white? ADDED PICTURE!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Tracyree, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Tracyree

    Tracyree Chillin' With My Peeps

    May 6, 2011
    So I ordered some EE chicks and four of the five arrived dead. The lone survivor is solid white with yellow feet, whereas the others all looked like chipmunks.

    Nervous and I actually ordered THREE EE's, but the five arrived.

    So, can an EE day old be solid white?

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  2. jwg423

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    Jun 10, 2011
    I have a solid white 6 week old EE but her legs are green
    So not sure about the legs...
  3. sunnyvera

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    Sep 4, 2010
    NE Ohio
    I too have an EE from a hatchery - solid white, not a speck of anything else. We call her Marilyn (bleached blonde), ha, ha. Her feet are olive. She is 23 weeks old, very sweet, and I think she layed her first egg a few days ago, very olive green color, yay.
  4. akcountrygrrl

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    Apr 3, 2010
    Nenana, AK
    EEs can be any color since they are, in essence, mixed breeds. There are traits that are most typical to them - pea comb, beard/muffs, green legs, and lay blue/green eggs - but that doesn't mean all EEs will have all those traits.
  5. debid

    debid Overrun With Chickens

    Jan 20, 2011
    middle TN
    This was mine (can you see the puffy cheeks?): [​IMG]

    He's turning out to be a very pretty boy: [​IMG]
  6. BarefootMom

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Half Way, Missouri
    I have 2 white EE hens.


    I didn't have them as chicks, so I don't know what they looked like

    But an EE should have greenish/grey legs. Maybe your white chick is something else?
  7. 1 hen and 1 roo

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Ouachita Mountains
    EE's actually comes from the Ameraucana chicken. White is one of the 8 colors Ameraucana chickens can be as far as showing goes. So you could get a white chicken depending on what the other breed is of the other parent? Most likely the breed would be a good egg layer and often times a brown egg layer but due to the blue egg gene being dominant you get blue eggs or more likely bluish green eggs.
    Unless, of course the hatchery is merely crossing Ameraucana of different colors and selling them as EE. Which is possible.
    Have you checked with the Hatchery?
    Our Wheaten and Blue Wheaten chicks were either white or yellowish white as chicks.
    The yellowish one is an Ameraucana chick.
    These are both Ameraucana chicks. Day old they were either yellow or creamy white.
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  8. colebarnhart

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    If it has yellow legs then I seriously doubt that it's an EE.
  9. roocrazy

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    Jun 11, 2009
    yes they can be white
  10. onthespot

    onthespot Deluxe Dozens

    Mar 29, 2008
    Riverside/Norco, CA
    EE's can be any color, any feathering. There is no standard. Most are Ameraucana crosses, or any cross that could produce a blue/green egg layer. Some are getting confused with pure Ameraucana standard and EE's.

    I hatched a white EE chick this spring. He turned out to be a gorgeous huge rooster with blue columbian pattern, as well as some gold and mahogany leakage on his hackles, saddle feathers and wing bows. I am currently trying to cross him on a couple of Coronation Sussex hens to make some very BIG, dual purpose, gorgeous EE's... Wish me luck! Here's my boy.


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