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Happened at hubby's workplace which I thought it was so silly and unnecessary.

Threatened for those who worked ten hours to go 12 hours of work, 12 hour workers to go 15 hours, mandatory seven days a week on said hours regardless of your seniority.
Threatened to give one point against each employee for NOT coming to work Sunday which majority are churchgoers.
Threatened to FIRE ANYONE who decided to move to union status or to form an union (because of the long hours, accidents and fatique are increasing per day). OR even talking about union, you will be
terminated. PERIOD.
Must work FASTER and NO mistakes, the employer had timers on everyone and told everyone that they were not doing it fast enough due to their "sources".....each order line has the length of time that
each employee must put in the packaging or assembly boxes. Everyone is getting burned out, including hubby.
Threatened daily "We CAN fire all of you and replace ALL of you within 24 hours". Yesterday 12 people walked out due to unfair practices.
When emergency arises (with family or work injury), you can not take time off for the death of the family, or if injured, you must wait for top supervisor to take you to the hospital and must submit a drug test on top of that so if you have any drugs in your system, your butt is bye bye.
With orders being so behind, there will be NO second shift, all employees must put MORE hours into their work. Heck it would be cheaper if they have a second shift, would it?

Heck, I found out this company from hubby's lead leader said that he has been working there for five years and they are still behind five years. With all those threats, it is making my hubby very uneasy which he said he does not want to make mistakes, go at his good pace, not too fast or too slow and he is running ragged of 60 to 62 hours of work per week. He only get Sundays off but it may be soon, he will be working seven days a week with NO idea when it will end. Not all the parts are available each day for assembly and packaging. His co workers are grumbling and still talking union AFTER work, not during.... I know hubby tries very hard but getting sour about the whole thing. Been working there since May. I told him just follow what AJ (his line leader) is doing, rolling the threats off his shoulder because it does not work in the last five years.

Is the employer being realistic or they needed to knock the high horse out of them? This employer is a sub contractor of Caterpillar but Caterpillar OWNS the company itself but the employees are non union when the higher ups are contracted employees. It pays OK, 75 cents more than the minimum wage but benefits are very good. The morale of that place is shot and the tension is running high. No one is talking to each other. Hubby got three or four supervisor telling him what to do but none of the supervisors are together, going over the plans for the day to get the orders out. They just pull him off from his station to help another and another supervisor would go up to him saying what are you doing HERE instead of back to your station? He told them that and got written up for leaving his station.

All the employees have five points before dismissing or being fired by the company. Many of them are really getting close to the 3-4 point going against them.

If the accidents keep piling and more hours piling up, I dont think OSHA is going to do anything, would they? It really ticked the employees off big time when the higher ups get their weekends and holidays off while the rest of them keep on working.

So whats fair??????????
Also my pet peeve with them is when I need to get a hold of hubby personally, I had to wait an hour to two hours before I gave up and went home. Once regarding to our daughter needing medical attention and the other is that he lost his wallet.

They acted like it is not that important and told me that I can not meet hubby out where they are located because of liabitilities. Which THAT I understand but what if it is a REAL emergency, do you think they would MOVE? Hubby told me that just stand at the door and someone will come to me and just ask for him. He told them that I was deaf and what has happened twice and they said to just stand by the door rather than going to the visitor's office. Even their spouses have done that for emergencies. NO cell phones.
Sounds like a stressful and hostile work environment to me. I'd tell them to pack sand and go look for another job...I've done it and it's like getting a ton of weight lifted off your shoulders. I wish yall the best of luck.
some of it is legal..some of it is blowing BS at their employees,,timing each job is done by most of these types of companies,,assembly type..telling them they HAVE to work overtime and weekends you will have to check with state and fed regulations..I worked in one that did that and if I had something going on I told them "to bad,try to fire me and I would see them in court"..they never backed up the threat,,but some will so I would find out for sure and see where you stand..the sad truth is they probably can replace everyone in 24 hours these days,,but they are making it a very hard place to work at,,even with overtime and weekends,they could make it a friendly,happy place to work instead of threatining people,,most people are willing to work more hours and do a better job if they like where they are working.Most places that arent union wont let talk of union go on in the work place..
The union statements, if you can prove it, is the only thing that they are doing that is ILLEGAL. Other then that, an employer can do what ever they want.
Is this really a work environment? This seems bizzarely unreal. Is he getting time and a half for overtime? THAT is required by LAW for wage-paid employees. If they're not doing that, then I can see how they would try to justify it being cheaper NOT to have a second shift, since that would double the number of employees to pay benefits to. If they are paying as they should be, then it gets very expensive to have workers working overtime. Other than that, I don't know much about factory-type environments, but what he's going through is NOT FAIR. And it's not right. I understand a company trying to meet a bottom line, but not at the expense of human lives. There is NO EXCUSE for treating people that way.

Hopefully other people will have some advice regarding how to address the issues. Since there is no union to speak up for him (and, as much as I don't like unions, it sounds like there should be), I'm not sure how you would go about getting these practices "fixed."

*HUG* I can't imagine what you and he are going through. I hope it can be resolved!
I know times are hard for everyone, but I (or DH) would quit before we put up with that kind of abuse from an employer. When my middle DS was a baby - not even 6 months old - I had a supervisor tell me that when my child was sick I needed to find someone else to take care of him - I didn't work for her for long
Do they pay them overtime for all those hours? DH is in law enforcement (used to be police, now corrections) and I can always contact him in an emergency - and usually even if I just want to talk to him so I think it is ridiculous that they won't let you contact him at work. I know there are labor laws, I would research them to see if there is anything that the employees can do - still might lose the job but . . .
oh,,and most places I know of if you get hurt on the job where it requires medical attention it is an automatic drug test for you,,FYI,pot stays in the human system for like 30 days,poppyseed muffines will show up in a drug test,,I believe beer is even traceable for like 48 hours..
Wow... i'd want to blow that place up if i worked there..for real.
They sound disgusting..
BUT the ONE thing that i DO aree with is.. the mandatory drug testing if you are injured at work...
Yup.. i cant blame them on that one...
But the other stuff.. just crazy!
About the union stuff... they CAN and WILL fire the folks that try to get a union in... *ask me how i know that..*.. i a casuality of the same thing at a job in a nursing home that we were trying to get a union into...
I got fired for crap... (was even able to collect unemployment..)... and the union DID tell me that if i wanted my job back that they would get me back in... but i said nope! I was done with them wackos...
I collected unemployemt and went to school instead...

Poor hubby... i'd hate to work in that enviroment...

OOh BTW... we DID get that union in that nursing home... and all thoe threats from the jerk owner?? They amounted to nothing! You all just HAVE to stick together and not be afraid of their threats...
One person cant do it alone... you all need to stick together...
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