Can Erkel Francolin be in trios or just paired up?


9 Years
Feb 16, 2013
franc sunning.JPG

I have a female Erkel I've had for few years now. Not a whole lot of luck with fertile eggs. I tried a different male but now wonder if she is real picky about her mate. Could it just be the male is overly doing it and needs another female in the pen? I don't think she gets it that she needs the male to fertilize her eggs so when she sits on them, they could actually hatch. I have had a couple fertile eggs and did hatch one myself. Just think should have more fertile eggs. Should I try having her in a trio setup or just stick to pairs and hope for the best. Thanks.
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I haven't ever raised any but I have a friend that raise's Black Francolins. He raises them in pairs and trios.
Thank you for letting me know that. I have actually thought about getting some black francolins also someday.

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