can feather loss cause sunburn?

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  1. I have a few girls who lost their feathers in the winter but layed almost daily so not stressed or unwell, they coped with the cold but now we are having hot days their skin looks red and sore in places where the feathers are missing, I have not found relentless pecking and do not have a rooster. I have put johnsons antipeck spray on them but birds not too fussed about the taste, I have used aloe vera gentian violet spray and now using childrens sun block to help the skin, what is the best way to deal with this as they are not showing any signs the feathers are coming back so it looks like my tatty birds are in for a hot summer. they do have shade but still keep in the sun. Checked for mites, coop cleaned daily, fed on top quality food. HELP !! what else can I do?
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    The children's sun block sounds like a good idea, but I wonder if you have a stealth pecking hen or maybe lice?
  3. thanks, they all had a good dusting this week but will check again, as for a stealth chicken plucker i have not seen one though one does have the odd tug on bottom feathers in the evening when they start the roost and get touchy over position but nothing major.

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