can female silkie crow or was she sexed incorrectly?


10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
When I let the chickens out the other day, my d'uccle roo crowed. My silkie (which I thought was a hen) copied him! It did this several times-each to my utter surprise! A few days have passed and she has not done it again. Did they make a mistake on the sexing or is this common?
Hope you're not sick of me yet

Hens can crow, but silkies are hard to sex (did you get her from my pet chicken?). Could go either way... if you post a pic in what sex or gender is this, people may be able to help you out.
No, definitely not tired of you!
I bought her from our feed store. He does his own sexing. Strangely enough on her he held up a needle over her! He showed me on multiple chicks how females would make a circle around them and males would sway back and was pretty cheesy-but he insisted it works. I also took some barred rocks the hatchery said were boys to him today. He stuck his thumb in the vent and insisted that 2 were female instead. He said females have a ton more room in there for the egg to come down through. So, he appears to know what he's talking about...
You are so funny!

When he was doing it, I thought it was ridiculous! But, he did it on so many of them and kept putting them down and saying, "No, that's a male" that I thought it must really work! Otherwise, why would he waste the time, right? He even did my husband and me to show me it worked! He said it was something about the "magnetism" in the different male and female chemistry!

I bet he's cracking up laughing at how stupid we are! Oh well! The silkie is gorgeous. It's head poof does appear to look more "whispy" than rounded. He has a great temperment-but can't seem to roost like the others. It's kind of sad-he falls off over and over and eventually sits in the corner away from everyone.

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