Can Fowl Pox Vac be given to week old chicks?

Oct 18, 2017
Midway, Georgia USA
I have already vaccinated my chickens for fowl pox but since it was the first time I ever tried to do this, I am sure I didn't do it right the first time. That was 2 and half weeks ago. I could not find ANY info how long the vaccine in the fridge would last since it says to do it again if it does not "take". I can't tell a "take" from a scar cause simply from sticking a needle in...SOOOO I am going to just order another round of vaccinations. This time I am going with this type "
Avian Encephalomyelitis-Fowl Pox-Pigeon Pox Vaccine
I have already ordered it... I keep reading also that you can vaccinate day old chicks for pox BUT I CAN....NOT....FIND....ANY.... that say you can do that. All say 8 weeks or older, none say day old....even though article after article say you can vaccinate on day old chicks.... and nothing says how long it can stay in the fridge after its mixed.... Anyone can fill in the blanks for me???
I ask for either a week or day old. I have two week old chicks now and an incubator full of eggs. Though, I honestly CAN NOT IMAGINE sticking that giant double needle into a tiny newborn silkie chick wing in any way, shape or form... I would assume there must be a different way to vaccinate such tiny babies as one day old if that is something that is even possible
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I wonder where this fowl pox vaccines for chicks is? Almost every article talks about how they can be vaccinated right off the bat as babies and they would just need it again when they are something like 8 weeks old but none of the vaccines I have looked at can be used like that. Frustrating.... I guess I just have to HOPE my two and a half week old chicks don't contract anything. I am vaccinating the flock (did that a week and a half ago) but the package DID NOT say that the liquid itself could CAUSE fowl pox if you got it on your hands and touched a bird. ( I read that later in articles about how to vaccinate for Fowl Pox) So now I am worried about the little chicks. No signs of anything, but OMG what if I gave them fowl pox while trying to VACCINATE for fowl pox??? Actually this is making me lose sleep at night. I keep looking at the babies real careful but hey are SOOO tiny... silkies you know.... I am going to do a second round of vaccinations to the adults since I don't know if I did the first round correct in any way, shape, or form. I know a little bit more now though about HOW to administer it.

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