can geese and ducks share a nest?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by sweety birds, Jan 28, 2016.

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    been searching all night and can't find any information on this subject, if there is another thread on this please point me in the right direction.

    also not sure where it is best to post this question as it is about 2 different species so any info on that would also be helpfull.

    he's the situation. i have a goose and a gander, 3 drakes and 4 ducks. though only 1 duck is laying. un expectedly the goose (pudding) laid an egg on Monday 25th January. but she laid it in the duck kennel. today she laid her second 28th january. in the same nest where the goose has decided to lay are 5 duck eggs. the duck egg was there first and the duck continues to lay every day.
    what i want to know is can they or will they share a nest?
    will a goose hatch a duck egg, or is she too big (she's an Emboden?) or since duck eggs hatch a week earlier when they hatch will she give up on her own?
    or vise versa, will or can a duck hatch a goose egg.

    or should i remove one lot of eggs? i'm thinking if any i will move the duck eggs as the goose i'm told can be very fussy about their nest being moved. this is my first goose and gandar so forgive me this is all new to me. the goose i think may be going to sit at some point from the way she is behaving, making a lot of noise, honking hissing, guarding the "kennel".

    i would like both ducklings and goslings, and as natural as poss so i want to encorage both sets of birds. but am i right when i was told that goose eggs are near impossable to incubate artifically?
    and i'm reluctant to disturb the nest too much as i feel she might be trying to settle and ducks have already been in there, i would like her to nest where i can keep an eye on her check on her make sure she dosn't get too run down, worried if i disturb the nest even if it is to remove the duck eggs she may take the huff and move to somewhere in assesable to check on her, but feel the same with my ducks but she dosn't look or act like she's concidering sitting. x
    any advise would be greatly apreciated
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    They'll hatch each other's eggs but not at the same time, geese can take up to 35 days to hatch and ducks take 28 days. So most of those ducklings would be out and fluffy by the time the goslings got out, and momma duck might push those eggs out of the nest because they didn't hatch the same time as the others.
  3. sweety birds

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    thanks for the reply, this is kinda what i suspected to be the case, due to the different hatch times,
    i don't want the mummy bird to abandon the nest cos some have not hatched.

    i took the dissision to remove the duck eggs, and this morning mummy duck has moved to another area and laid an egg.

    but mummy goose has not laid. as i said in the original post it was 3 days between 1st and second egg, so not sure if no egg means she's just not ready with another, or wondering if it's because i was working about the nest to remove the duck eggs.

    it it usuall for a goose to only lay once every 3 days or could this be a sign that something is not right with mummy goose? most folk i have spoken to locally seem to say that she should be laying every day, and also i should remove her eggs. i left the first andshe still took 3 days to lay her next. took the second along with the duck eggs to store to be returned to her if and when she sits. could this have put her off also

    want to make all my girls as comfortable as poss to hatch and rear their young.
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    if it makes any difference i have not had the goose and gander very long, the gander i picked up on the 1st january, he was going to be dinner hence thename Dinner, but he looked so sad i couldn't have his life ending up all depressed, it turned out dinner had a mate, who was going mad at the other end when she couldn't find him, so puding moved in aswell.
    he is last years hatch 2015, she how ever is 2014, she sat last year but nothing came of her eggs, the previous owner thinks this may have been due to the male, who subsiquently died. these geese chose each other, but as pure chance, i have been told that a second year goose has a better chance of rearing healthy young. but could all this up heaval she has had, sitting with no young, loosing her 1st mate, being seperated from her second, then sharing with a duck, have caused laying problems x
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    It's usually every 2 days but unless your noticing something unusual about Mommy goose I wouldn't worry about every 3 days especially if she is laying for the first time.
  6. Miss Lydia

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    If she has a new mate and is settled in which she must be if she is laying She should be fine. I think this year you will have goslings just make sure she has a secure place to sit and no one else lays in her nest. I have had to remove chicken and duck eggs out of my gooses nest until she committed to brooding then no one dare go near her. lol except her mate. Make sure he can always be with her they are a team when it comes to parenting

    Keep us updated.
  7. sweety birds

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    i hope we do, i love seeing mummies rear their young, i have incubated loads of birds, quail, chickens turkey's and ducks, and they are lovely but there is something special about watching mum teach and rear her own. with out counting my goslings before they hatch, i really hope i get the chance to watch her raise her babies.
    they are the only 2 geese i have and concidered getting a couple more girls for dinner (the gander) but they make such a lovely couple it's a shame to introduce anyone else. she's rather bossy i think pudding is defenatly in charge. but she must have a soft side as they quite offence cuddle in the corner. like i say they were seperated and the reunion was brilliant to see. they have not been more than a foot apart since. he took a slice of bread down to her the other day, placed it in front of her, never seen any of my other birds do this before, it was really quite sweet.
    she's very noicey when i pass her "kennel" but as yet dose no chase me off. i check from a little bit off with a torch to see if there has been any eggs laid. and she does send dinner up to check on me, he usually just honks and hisses then waders off again.

    hopefully have pics to post comes March with any luck x
  8. Miss Lydia

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    I hope so too they sound like a lovely pair. She will probably gather at least 9 before she commits to getting serious. My geese never acted aggressive at all while brooding. The ganders make up for it though lol Nothing more enjoyable than watching a family of geese out and about.
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    the goose had started t build a deeper nest and had 6 eggs in it, she was getting pretty noisie when ever anyone went near her nest and was acting (so i'm told) very much like a goose getting ready to sit, on the 8th i had a peep and the eggs were no longer neatly in the nest, they were all over the floor of the kennel she has chosen, i left the eggs where they were hoping she would gather them up more, but yesterday when i went up there was a 7th egg and a couple of the others had been pushed out all together, i collected these is the morning, popping to one side for safe keeping, in the afternoon 4 more were out, i persume the newest egg was a keeper. so i have gethered them all, today there is an 8th egg. i left it. i have taken the other 6 home and candled and weighed them, they range from 190g to 205g. and none are cracked and have a small air sac on the top which looks to be intact. any ideas why she has done this, there are only the 2 geese but are other birds, the duck that was laying with her at the start of this post has moved nest and has about 15 or 16 eggs in her nest, and with out wanting to disturb her nest too much i can't see any other birds using her nest. any suggestions as to what my next move should be? should i just forget these eggs or give her them back or something else. any advise from more experienced goose keepers would be great, i am trying to learn fast, but wasn't expecting eggs so soon lol x
  10. Miss Lydia

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    Since i don't let my geese and ducks nest in same area maybe @jchny2000 can advise what would be best to do. I'm thinking maybe another bird did this but just a guess

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