Can gmo come out of chickens

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  1. Melaki1991

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    Sep 27, 2017
    i bought my chickens when they where a couple months old and im pretty sure the lady i got them from was feeding them gmos. They have been on 100% organic diet since then. I guess my question is are the eggs going to be gmo when they start laying or have they been on a clean enough diet for the gmos i guess to come out of them. Or does it even ever come out? Ive done tons of research on the subject and cant find a single thing.
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

    I don't know the exact answer you are seeking... but I know to be certified organic the birds themselves must be gmo free from day one in addition to not having a light on them at night time (alternative heat source required for chicks), and probably a few other requirement as well. If they had either they can not be sold as organic birds ever again. Not sure if that includes the eggs or not.

    Other than that (certification), I would say you are worrying about nothing and just continue to do your best and what makes you comfortable. :)
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    I agree with @EggSighted4Life I don't think your chickens and/or eggs can ever be certified organic at this point.

    GMO isn't exactly something that comes out of a chicken, so I'm not 100% sure on how to answer.

    If your chickens are not laying yet and you continue to feed them a strict organic diet, your eggs will be as healthy and pure as they can be, and essentially your chickens can keep producing organic eggs, they just cannot be marketed/sold as "organic" eggs because there are strict regulations for this labeling and your chickens were not fed in accordance in the early stages of their lives.
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    Sep 27, 2017
    Thanks so much! These chickens are for my own personal use so no certification needed. My mom got them without thinking so i was just wondering if they where ruined for life because of the gmos when they first started out.
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  5. EggSighted4Life

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    Too me.. not ALL GMO's are bad. :confused:

    But on top of that those chickens aren't "ruined" and will be great! ;)

    But I guess according to that standard.. mine are. :lau I don't have the commitment or the funds to spend for all organic when not even every thing I do is organic. GMO or not, nutrition is what matters. Make sure not to diminish the nutrient level of whatever feed you choose with treats, even the so called healthy ones like lettuce and such. Keep your protein level at or above 16%, I prefer a little higher and read studies showing better hatchability and chick viability which to me says more nutritious eggs than those on the bare minimum. So I go with 20% protein flock raiser feed with oyster shell. To stay that way (higher protein) with organic would require using a starter feed since it's usually starter or layer that come in organic. And that would be OK as long as you provide oyster shell on the side. Also, not all organics are good. Organic poison is still poison for example, in my books.

    Enjoy your girls. Pics always welcome! :love
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    Mar 27, 2017
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    :welcome so glad your have joined our little group here... gmo aside you will find no tastier treat than your own non gmo birds... gmo's are a new scare to me as I am old school but I do know it is non genetically modified if your feeding a food that is there is probably no trace of what they use to eat left in them
  8. I have eaten GMO's, and I hope I am not ruined for life :oops:

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