Can hens defend themselves against cats?


9 Years
Mar 6, 2011
If a cat were to get into the fenced area where my 12-16 week old chickens are, could/would themselves against a cat? Do cats typically go after chickens?

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My large fowl full grown chickens have never been messed with by a cat. I did have some stray cats terrorize my leghorns and EE when they were about 10 weeks old though, so I'd be careful til they are full grown.
The cats leave my grown hens and roos alone but will mess with the small ones. I'd watch them.
It is rare to see a post where someone has seen a cat go after a full grown chicken, but there have been a few.
I have house, outdoor and feral cats, none mess with the chickens. The hens will chase them off their food, so I need to protect the cats from the hens.

I agree with the other posts, be careful with chicks, but full grown hens are usually ok. I have a cat that was stalking my hens, just waiting for the chance to pounce one. She finally got up the nerve and was easily chased off by the hen. Now the cat and the hens get along well; they even eat together.

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