Can hens eat small plastics?


Dec 3, 2020
Our hens have got a big lawn and area to run around in, but still love to be let out of their run and they're allowed so quite often. Problem is, the area right outside their run has some tiny plastic bits, which we've noticed they eat sometimes. We pick up the bigger bits we find, but it's pretty impossible to try and get rid of all the smaller bits. Is this okay for them to eat occasionally or will it cause problems for them? Any help is appreciated, don't really want to stop letting them out of their run for adventures in the rest of the garden :)

Also I don't really know if emergencies/diseases/injuries and cures was the right place to post this, but I really couldn't figure out where else, sorry if it's not fitting


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Plastic bits would cause problems when eaten. Gizzards grind up feed when they are provided with granite poultry grit, but they may get impacted gizzards sometimes. Chickens will eat bits of glass, small metal hardware, jewelry, stings from feed bags, so I would try to remove anything found when you see it. I keep a coffee can around for when I find old broken glass chips in the dirt.

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