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Jul 15, 2010
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I recently bought some bovan brown hens and one rooster from a farm. I was thinking to hatch some chicken next year. However I was told that if hybrid breed hybrid, the offspring will not carry over the trait, and some hybrid cannot breed.

I really want to hatch and raise chicken by my self, there would be much more fun. Can some one tell me if I can use this rooster and hens to breed. If not, what pure breed rooster I should use for breeding, to carryover the egg laying trait? By the way, the rooster I received are white, but hens are brown. Don't know why, I tried to ask the farm, but they don't want to explain.

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
It's possible that the egg laying trait may be a bit hit and miss when hybrids are bred, but that's not been my experience. I'd be inclined to opt for a white leghorn cock bird if I didn't want to take the chance of some offspring being good layers, and others not so much. I'm sure the genetic experts will be along to help further.

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