Can I eat her eggs?

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    I was told that the first eggs you can't eat because of their medicated feed. I'd like to switch her over, but her friend is younger (about a month and a half) and hasn't started laying yet. Is it okay for my younger one to have layer feed, or should I seperate them until she starts? I only have two chickens and still fairly new to the world still. I just received two eggs today (woooo!) and would also like to know when I can start eating them. Thank you!
    In addition, we're not going to eat or throw away the firsts, but drain them and "frame" them. Since she's still on the medicated feed, would it be okay to give the yolks to the dogs, or simply throw it away? Thanks again!
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    Medicated feed usually has Amprolium (it should say on the bag) in it to help with Coccidia, and there is no withdrawal time for eggs, so you can just eat/feed them like normal. Most of the commercial Layer feeds say to feed to birds over 18 weeks, it sounds like she laid an egg today? A lot of people feed some sort of Flock Raiser / All Breeds type food and have oyster shell on the side for the laying hens if they have a mixed age flock.

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