Can I Feed Kelp (Packeted Human Food) to My Chickens? Photo Attached

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by thailand, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Need some advice please.

    Can I feed kelp, the snack kind for people, to my chickens? Is this the right type of kelp?

    Photo attached to show what I have available in my local grocery store here...

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    Generally speaking, you can eat it, the chickens can eat it. They may not like it, so don't buy much until you try it out.

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  3. Ok, thanks so much for replying. I want to be very careful what I give my chickens to eat. Your advice sounds logical, can't argue with that. I'm wanting to add only a small amount of kelp to their diet as I believe they may be lacking in minerals. The soil in Thailand is known to be mineral and vitamin deficient so this is something I'm now wishing to address.

    How much kelp would you suggest I add to their diet? Maybe a teaspoon a week for 8 chickens and 4 chicks?
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    if you are feeding it for minerals I would feed a teaspoon per chicken per week.

    But maybe fish would be cheaper for you?

    My chickens love fish, the guts, (unless your fish have worms/parasites, in which case cook them first), the heads, everything. Sometimes the Salmon skin is too thick for them to eat, but usually they can eat it all.

    I think that seaweed that you collect from the beach would be good too.

    My chickens love everything.

    Sometimes you can get slightly spoiled food from the markets for free or almost free. As long as the food is not moldy it is OK. I do actually feed my chickens food with a little mold.

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