Can i feed my ducks this?


9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Alta Vista , KS
my ducks are all 16 weeks now. 3 girls and 1 boy. I was hoping to just mix my layer pellets, cracked corn, seed scratch, and the game bird feed all together and just feed that to the guineas, duck and chickens. Will this work and be ok?,
I always offer oyster shell separately. The girls grab what they need when they need it. The drakes don't touch it.
I use grower (maintenance) feed and have started offering oyster shell free choice since they are getting old enough to begin laying soon. Too much calcium is trouble when they are not laying.
Agree, you don't want to feed them layer until they start to lay. Once they start to lay then you can feed them layer and offer oyster on the side so they can get what they want.
and the drake can eat the layer toooo, I think I have 2 boys/2 girls.. calls. So I can feed oyster shells about a month
before they may start to lay and then feed layer?? and the drakes can eat this THese are my first and they should start
to lay@ 5 months?? I was going to get my book out !!

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