Can I feed my girls cockateil food?

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  1. I ran out of feed and didn't know I was about out. My youngest one usually lets them out and feeds them in the morning. Will be going to feed store in the morning and they are HUNGRY. The neighbors had some food for their pet bird but it died and they gave it to me. I read all that is in it and am not sure whether to feed to my chicks or not. Any ideas or maybe someone that JUST KNOWS?
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    When our 12 year old cockatiel passed, I had about a 5 lb sack of food for her. I tossed it out to the chickens, and they DEVOURED it. I never thought it may be harmful to them. I fed them 5 lbs over a period of 3 or 4 days and saw no adverse affects.

    JMHO -
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    Should be fine for older birds, would not give to chicks, just my opinion.
  4. Good. They arent really young chicks. They are fully feathered and I would say a few of them are big enough that it won't be long before they are laying. Now I know and can use it. Thanks to anyone that has answered.
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    Feb 21, 2010
    If they are older birds it wont hurt them.We Divied out some wild bird seed after winter to the bird's here.They wont get nothing much they aren't able to free range on so...I clean my parrot's cage and put the seed dropping's near fence when I clean his tray's some of the bird's picking picking.Seed's are natural and shouldn't hurt them.They will pick and choose what they like.
  6. Good I have given them access to gravel for their crops previoulsy and now they are in natural missouri soil. It is plenty rocky where I am. My main concern was whether it would be good or bad for them. Nothing I saw looked bad, I just didn't want them to eat it and then the next morning be all dead.

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