Can I ferment Layena pellets for my chickens....

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    OK... I'm a newbee... been reading about fermenting feeds......

    My primary concern is complete nutrition.... Layena pellets have done me and my chickens well.... good egg production, and they appear very healthy... grit, roasted eggs shells and oyster shells are supplemented... along with a little scratch morning and evenings thrown in the run to give them something to do.....

    So, what should I ferment to continue with the "complete nutrition" diet....

    Can I feed some fermented Layena and dry.... Is there a mixed bag of feed that will work...

    I have 1 roo and 5 hens at this time....

    If feeding fermented grains, how do you add selenium and vitamins for a complete diet...

    And... what am I missing.....

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    You are doing just fine! The Layena is a complete feed, no additions needed. Flock Raiser plus oyster shell on the side is another good way to go, and if available, a game bird feed can be used, especially as a supplement. It's not needed, or necessarily better, to add lots of other stuff!!! [​IMG] Mary

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