Can I Get Sex Links out of Any of These? + How long till they breed true?


11 Years
Mar 20, 2011
I have 2 roos. 1 Partridge Cochin / 1 Silver Penciled Rock

5 hens. 1 partridge cochin / 2 silver penciled rocks / 2 new hampshire reds

Would any of the roos over any of these hens produce sex links?

ALSO everybody runs together now. If I separate them, how long until they breed true?
Not sure about the sex link but the average hen stores sperm for 2 weeks to a month. However, there have been cases of 6 weeks.
Put your Partridge Rooster over your Silver Penciled Hen and you will get Red Sex-links and after 4 week they should breed true.

Thank you both! So if they all currently run together, the SP Hen eggs are either going to be pure SP or Red Sex Link correct? Would it be obvious which is which at hatching? i.e. separating the pures from the mixes? I'm planning on setting all the eggs I get over the next week or so, and have 6 in the incubator now. I've never incubated before and have been reading a lot / learning a lot~

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