can I give my chicks treats?


Sep 12, 2017
Hi! I just came back from tractor supply with a silkie and 3 Cochin bantams. Ive had chicks before, and typically I don't give them treats (such as, bread, and tomatoes.) But when I had my silkie hen raise some of her own babies, they'd always eat the treats with her. They were ok, but I just want to make sure it wont cause the new chicks any harm. Thanks for reading!


Nov 23, 2017
Treats such as fruit, veggies, and bread are fine, as long as you aren't giving them too much, and make sure they are chopped in very small pieces. Good luck with your new chicks!

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Jul 23, 2017
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I would think anything they will eat is just food. I doubt you could get them to eat the last half of a box of thin mints you bought at the movies last night. The treats I offered my chicks were cockroaches I vacuumed up in the dustbuster and fruit/veggies from the fruit stand. I live in south texas so we get unliscensed fruit vendors and unliscenced cockroaches all the time.

I reread my post and do not want anyone thinking road side fruit vendors and cockroachers are the least bit comparable I have been spraying for roaches and they keep coming back. I never spray to keep the fruit vendors away it is me visiting them.

I do love the fact that GMO produce is illegal in Mexico, but I never buy citrus from roadside vendors as neighbors do get their crops stolen.
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I just brought 5 chicks home from Orscheln's a week and a half ago. They were about a week old at the time so I started them on some finely crushed scrambled egg with chick grit sprinkled over it to give them a boost. Under no circumstances give chicks oystershell and if you have roosters in your flock you will want to feed them an all flock or Game Bird feed with oyster shell on the side for the hens. The extra calcium will damage the boys kidneys.

Make sure you are feeding them a good quality chick feed and go lightly on the treats. Meal worms are always a favorite. Finely chopped fruit a good choice also but you want them to be getting the bulk of their nourishment from their chick starter. Mine will get their tablespoon of scrambled eggs in the morning and that is all right now. I will start giving them just a little piece of bread to fuss over soon because let's face it, nothing funnier then watching them play chick tag. Just make sure not to overdo the treats and always give them chick grit so they don't develop crop problems.

Congratulations on the new babies. So much fun!

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