Can I give them Crickets?


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We actually did that once. My sons raised crickets to feed their (ever growing) collection of lizards. We dropped one in by accident and they went nuts! Through the years, we have offered other tasty treats like worms (from fishing bait leftovers) and roley-poley (pill bugs?) All things that move are met with excitement and hilarity.


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I'd suggest they have grit before you feed them crickets. Crickets are probably soft enough that they really don't absolutely have to have grit in their gizzards to grind them up but it is good insurance to have it there.

A couple of stories so you have an idea of what might happen.

When we had 2-week-olds in the brooder which was in the coop, my wife swatted a wasp to stun it then dropped it in the brooder. Those chicks had a great time playing keepaway with it before they finally pecked it apart enough to eat it.

A couple of summers ago, I gathered a cup full of corn ear worms when harvesting some corn from the garden. I dumped those worms on the ground near a bunch of free ranging 10 week olds. Those chicks watched those worms very closely. A couple of brave ones would slowly start to approach, then a worm would wiggle. Run away!!! Run away!!! Then they would slowly, very carefully start to approach again. A worm wiggled. Run away!!! Run away!!! Eventually one finally got close enough and snatched a worm. That's all it took. That pile of worms was gone in just a few seconds.

What I'd expect to happen with yours is an immediate game of keepaway, but don't be too surprised if it takes them a while to build up the courage for the game to start.
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They've already had grit sprinkeled on their chick starter because I pull up dandelions for them to eat. And they've been out in a wire pen digging in the dirt a couple of times.

I did get the crickets (extra small). The crickets were hopping all over with the chickies just chasing them. There was a LOT of fluttering and peeping going on!! Mostly it was 'keepaway' until they finally pulled the crickets apart enough to eat. Hilarious for me to watch -- not so much fun for the crickets I guess.

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