Can I hatch eggs of frizzle mom, fertilized by her non-frizzle son?

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    Jun 4, 2012
    I've been slow to get my head around most genetics posts, so rather than trying to find the answer in those already out there, I'm starting my own specific one. I have a frizzled bantam cochin. Two years ago, she hatched two of her eggs, bred by a BCM rooster, who now lives on a cattle ranch (I hope). I got one boy and one girl, but neither are frizzled. I'm now considering hatching some of her eggs, fertilized by her son, who is half BCM, half bantam cochin, and a total love. I would do this out of the hope of getting another frizzle, but I don't want to run the risk of either getting a curly or having other genetic problems by mating mom with son. Any thoughts out there on the pros/cons of this plan? They both have exceptionally great personalities, and mama Rousseau is my only frizzle. Does Diego even have the frizzle gene if he doesn't show it?

    Pics, because they're so cute:

    Rousseau (and Frida):

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