Can I let the girls out into the big scary world?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Nicoliosis5, Jun 24, 2016.

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    May 19, 2016
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    Hello all
    My girls are a little over 8 weeks old. They have been in their coop & run for about 3 weeks and are so happy when that chicken door comes open in the morning! But of course I know they would be happier outside of the run to roam around wherever they please.

    We have not let them OUT-outside since we live in an area where there are predators (I guess who doesn't though right..)

    I was wondering if anyone thought it would be a bad idea to let them out into the big bad world
    Or are they as good-to-go as they will ever be?

    I have seen hawks, owls, and a mink in the area, and there is probably worse. Our area is very woodsy and not very people-y.

    Thank you for any advice!


    PS will a mink attack chickens? I know they prefer frogs and fish but if he's hungry will he try to get at them? I believe he lives on the brook that is about 6 yards from the coop as I have seen him bouncing up and down it in that area a few times.
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    The best thing I ever did was open the door to the run and leave it open. The girls forage for bugs and grubs, they eat grass and other green forage...and they are happy. People who get our eggs are amazed at the flavor and deep rich yolks.

    We have a dog that is a lab/collie cross, she really watches over the flock. You might lot into portable electric's cheap, it's portable and it works.

    Mink are members of the weasel family, and yes they will eat chickens.
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    Mink are very territorial by nature. They also fight and often kill each other over turf. Every time a mink is removed the pressure on your poultry is reduced. Some vermin like foxes will often consume the entire bird but if it is available a mink will kill a fresh chicken every time the mink feels a hunger pain coming on.

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