Can I make homemade chick crumbs?

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    Aug 15, 2010
    I feed my two full grown chickens on organic corn that I got from a farmer. I just (today, yay!) had a new chick hatch and was wondering if I can make homemade chick food?

    I was thinking maybe a bit of bread, corn and sunflower seeds blended into a powder? Or is it wiser to stop being a hippy and get store bought chick feed?
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    I think you already know the answer........You should buy the chick crumbles. They provide the exact nutrition that is very important for a growing chick.

    Also, I hope you're feeding the adult chickens more than just corn.....Truly, corn is like candy to a chicken and they love it, but it doesn't provide all the nutrition that they need........

  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    The sunflower seeds have good protein in them, and you can offer them as a treat when the chick is a little older (always offer grit when giving treats and seeds/whole grains). If you blend them up, they will love them now.

    Chicks need around 20% protein, then 17%, then 16%-20% when they are laying. The commercially sold feeds are about these amounts.

    Corn is around 7-9% protein. Wheat is around 12-14%. Sunflower seeds in shell (Black oil) are around 16%. Out of the shell it would be higher- I forget. The website on my BYC page should have the protein content of sun seeds (for people).

    You can look at my BYC page if you wish as I mix my own feed. But for baby chicks up to the age of about 5-6 weeks, I feed organic starter/grower which is 20% protein (mostly soy protein).

    I just have a really hard time mixing my feed higher than 16% protein without overdoing it on the seeds. So, since I don't have mealworms to give them, and don't want to endlessly feed scrambled eggs, I buy chick starter.

    Corn isn't a complete feed, but it makes an excellent treat (or component of a homemixed feed recipe). They do sell organic layer pellets (I buy them for treats). Also organic layer crumbles if you prefer those.
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    ChickensAreSweet, I luv your reply. Would you please let me know how to find your website/page (sorry new to this sort of website)?

    My 4 little chicks are now 7 weeks old and their two mum's have shared the job incredibly well. In my researching all the different feed types and requirements I have stumbled upon information that says chickens actually thrive better on a crumble. I'm running out of the chick crumble they have all been eating whilst I fed my chicks the medicated feed (I've lost a few birds to illness so didn't want to risk the chicks, I think living on a river makes them more susceptible). As that is now running low it is time to consider what feed next. I'd prefer to stick with crumble if it means happy healthy chickens. Any views on this ChickensAreSweet? Also, what's the difference between a crumble and a mash?
  5. ChickensAreSweet

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    A mash is powder basically, that you can wet (only make 24 hours' worth at a time to prevent mold, which can kill chickens) or serve dry.

    Crumbles are small clumps of feed, but smaller than pellets.

    I don't have anything on my page anymore but like these sites:

    Your chicks should not go on layer pellets until they are about at the point of lay because it has too much calcium. So it is best to feed them starter/grower or grower now (starter or starter/grower up until about 8 weeks of age) that they are coming up to the 8 week point in a week if you are buying new feed.

    You may be able to find layer crumble if you want to go that route instead of pellets when they start laying, around 20 weeks. Pellets are popular since there is generally less waste with them.
  6. RiversideChicks

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    Sep 3, 2013
    Thank you. All great links.

    Lastly, our local Country Wide aren't all that helpful or knowledgable when it comes to feed.

    Can you recommend a good online store which lists out the ingredients for the feeds on offer? I've been trying to search but not having a lot of success.

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