Can I order males and females together?

All hatcheries that i am aware of have a minimum amount of birds for shipping. Afaik Metzer Farms requires a minimum of two birds.
Depending on where you're located there are some people here on BYC with excess drakes they would love to give to good hands.
It sure would be nice if people were "required" to put there approximate location on their profile or avatar whatever you call it!
EU privacy laws:
If you're in Germany, you cannot access the NY Times web-page for example.
Not a fan of the "EU" anyway and I don't know anything about that but it sure would make it easier to answer questions about whatever they are asking about! A lot of the people in the USA don't put their location either. It is such a simple thing and really makes a difference where you are trying to help someone.
I would check your local craigslist and see if there is a local FB poultry swap group. Spring ducklings are now old enough to be sexed and many people will be looking to get rid of excess drakes. I believe Metzer’s minimum to ship is 2 ducklings, but I believe you are able to mix and match sexes and breeds, I don’t think it has to be two of the same.
Oh god what did I start! I’m in North Carolina.
You didn't start anything so don't worry about it. It just really is easier to help when you know appoximate location. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings!
I bet there are plenty of people in your area that may have an extra drake they would like to give to a good home!

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