can I place day old chicks under new broody??

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  1. Hello,
    My beautiful red hen has just gone broody yesterday, she has never had fertile eggs of her own, she wanted "fluffy's" eggs (the silky) who I have just relocated.
    Anyhow there are some day old chicks for sale at the feed store. Is it safe to buy a few to place under her one night even though she has just gone broody?? or will she know they have "hatched" early.
    If it is safe I have to get some stuff together to make a ratproof pen.
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    I would wait at least two weeks after the onset of broodyness just in case. She may not be ready yet.
  3. I have had a few opinions at the feed store but all say give it a go.
    She really is clucky and I moved her to new broody box, please are there any more opinions???
    I have baby chicks sitting on water bottles to keep warm so pls help asap.
    Thanks Helen
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    Well, if you already have the chicks, I would try it soon before the chicks are too big and too old to bond to her.
    Normally I would recommend that you do it at night, but you can try with one chick at a time during the day. If your coop has a window, cover it so that it stays kind of dark inside so that she cant see as well and will be calm. Try to reach around behind her so that she doesnt see you holding the chick and stick it under her back end. Then back off and watch to see what she does. If she starts clucking to it, that is a good sign. Just watch to make sure she doesnt peck it too hard or try to kill it. If it looks like she accepts the first chick, then add the others one at a time.

    good luck, take pictures for us, [​IMG]

  5. Thankyou very much, It is now dark here, 8pm,
    i have introduced day olds in the past with success.
    I just have a feeling that she will accept them as she is such a sweet natured hen.
    She doesnt peck at all and she moved readily to new box.
    I have only 2 day olds , blame my son, he saw them and really wanted them, i said no but changed my mind.
    I will send pics soon.
    I will let you know how she takes them,
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    Helen I am curious if this works! I'm thinking if the broody hen had been setting for a while that this might work. Being a new broody I am wondering. Let us know how she takes to the babies. I would watch her closely as she may hurt them knowing they aren't hers. Who knows it may trick her. Give us a hollar and tell us what happens. Johnny
  7. alright, yes she was a bit confused at first, she had a small peck but nothing sinister.

    And I am happy to say that she has well and truly accepted them, at first she had them out from under her so they were leaning on her then I helped them in under her wing and she settled.

    I have checked twice by disturbing the poor dear and they are snug as a bunny in a rug.

    I really knew she would accept them due to her nature, well about 90% sure!!

    She has been broody for 2 days only so this is very fortunate.
    This is her first time as a mum so Im not sure how she will go.
    I must say that I had first planned to hand raise the babies in a brooder box which I had made but the temp wouldnt go above 32.C and I had the light down as far as it would go so I had to try the broody as plan B. which is best for them anyway.
  8. Ok, its now morning here and i went out to check them and mum has taken perfectly to them.
    It is so beautiful to watch her feeding them and then letting them under her to keep warm.

    Im so blissed out.

    arent chookies great!!!
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    Dec 26, 2006
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    bantymum, that is so awesome!!! What a great mum she is. Do take some pics of her and the babies to post for us. Im so glad that it worked out well. Congratulations.

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    Good going bantymum! [​IMG] Now you don't have the chore of hand raising all of those chooks! Way to go! I think you have a great chookie mum. Johnny
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