Can I put my baby chicks in coop with older chicks?


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
I have game bantams and my chicken coop is sit up with 3 sections with a house big enough for trios, right now I have my 5 & 1/2 week chicks closed in the house, & my 4 1/2 month chicks outside of the house in the run. They can see each other cause I have piece hard wire cloth over the hen house door, so my question is can my younger babys come out with my older babys? The younger ones are itching to get out. The older ones are 1 cockerel, & 3 pullets, & younger ones are 3 cockerels & 1 pullet out of all these babys I'm only keeping 1 male 2 females, so my question is can I let the younger ones out the house? Thanks hope this right place for this question :)
That's a pretty big differential in ages. The olders have already established a pecking order and become a tight flock. All you can do is try. If you have plenty of space and multiple food and water stations, it can work.
As long as they can see the babies and it has been a couple of weeks you should be okay. When I say see the babies I mean not just though a doorway, but being able to interact with them though the wire they should be okay. This is what I do and it works great , I have 10 week old chicks with one year old hens and four roosters and everyone gets along just fine. I have a small coop you would buy at TSC inside the coop and that's where the chicks go for about two weeks before letting them intermingle with the rest of the flock. It works great.

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