Can I raise baby chicks and baby ducks together??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SantaPaula805, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Alright, so i have been raising chickens for the past three years in my backyard. so far ive really enjoyed it and am planning to do so far many years to come. so now im planning to get a baby duck. ive done a little research and something came to my attention right away. i read that you should never ever feed a duck medicated starter feed for baby chicks. Is this true?? And if so can they eat unmedicated starter feed for baby chicks. Has anyone here raised baby ducks and chicks?? What other problems may i have? And is there something important i should know about ducks before purchesing one? Oh and btw I am getting a white crested pekin from a local breeder.
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    1. DO NOT get 1 duck. Chickens don't do it for companions, need 2 + ducks. Especially if you get a boy and he tried to romance the chickens alter, mad news.
    2. Ducks need non medicated starter, and later in life need more protein then chickens. They eat more then a chicken and the meds are too stong for them.
    3. Ducks need specific types of waterers. look on the duck forum for info, they need to be able to clean their beaks. they will also make a HUGE mess of your watering dish.

    Do some reading up on ducks, they are very different birds then chickens. The forums here are good. Our first bird experience was raising a duck with 2 chickens, i wouldn't do it again, it was a ton more work then just chickens or even just ducks.
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    We've done just fine raising them together...had no idea about the medicated chick feed and our ducks survived it just fine :)

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