Can I see some pics of quail breeder pens for egg production?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by yardbird tx, Nov 13, 2008.

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    I have decited to junp into the quail world. I will need to build my own pens. Im going to consentrate on egg production. I have seen the gages with the slant floor. Those are cool. Any building plans out there?
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    If I personally was going to have a more massive egg production than im already going ot have

    I'd make more 6 hole hanging pens (that are 12ft long, and 2ft wide, and each hole in the pen is 2 ft by 2ft).

    All I'd do differently is slant the flooring slightly enough so that when the hens lay the eggs the eggs roll to the front for easy pick up....right now I just pick them up from the flat wire flooring which is perfectly fine but in a bigger production the slanted floor would be much easier.[​IMG] Except I wouldnt want to makeit so slantedt that the birds cannot stand properly ofcourse.

    In the pen above, you can keep 1 male and up to 4-5 hens easily.

    SO at the max 30 hens in one six hole pen, that's (as longas productionis going smoothly) 210 eggs a week.


    ^I have it ziptied to my fence, then I have mini bunji cords keeping the tarp on the night i just throw the tarp over the front and make sure it lays on the ground so that no drafts from the ground fly up at their feet.

    I like this better than large collony breeding pens, I've seen what those pens can do to the hens (too many males over breeding the same hen is possible...and they can die from littearlly being ripped apart). However if the ratio of males to hens is figured out well that may not be such a problem.

    theres SOOO many ways you can do it, i say just do what worksfor you the best [​IMG]

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