Can I see your 4 week old pictures?

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Jan 29, 2011
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I have 1 Australorp, 1 Barred Rock, and 1 Buff Orp, so I only have them to compare to each other, and being different breeds, it seems they are developing at a little different rates.
Will you share pictures you have of those breeds at about 4 weeks, and their sexes?
Thank you so, so much!
Hazel, our Barred Rock at 3 weeks old

Maple, our Buff Orpington at 3 weeks

Delilah, our Australorp at 3 weeks


A group shot of everybody at 3 weeks old!
(See my sig line for a complete list of breeds.)

Edited to add that they're all hens.
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I just reread you post and saw that you wanted pics of 4 week olds. I don't have any pics from that week (I guess we were busy that week), but I have some of them at 5 weeks old that I could post if you want.
I have some 3.5 week old pics on My BYC Page if you want to see them! Shows some decent progression, tried to take pics every 3-4 days! Older babies are 4 weeks old today!

Moxiechick - I'm excited to see your babies at 5 weeks old - our BR's and BO's look similar (though slightly younger) and I've been worried about our BO's being overly developed in the comb to be girls (no red yet)...they look just like your Maple though with slightly fewer feathers.
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buff orp pullet:

barred rock pullet:

barred rock pullet:

barred rock pullets:

this last pic may have been at 3 weeks:

3 out of 4 laying now at 25 weeks

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