can i see your candling pics?

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    May 12, 2008
    i just want to see some candling pics, and i know a few of you take rather good ones. i candled yesterday, at day 7, and most had veins, but i think one had a blood ring in it, not sure though, it looked like a small vein that ran around the egg, but there were no other veins. i left it in for a few more days. anyways, thanks!
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    second picture in this thread is what a bloodring looks like if your not sure mark the egg with a ? mark wait til day 10 or 14 to candle again and then toss if nothing looks to have developed further. If the egg starts to smell funky or weep/seep liquid before you candle again carefully take it out of the bator and toss away!! It could explode.

    There are lots of posts with pics here in BYC just go to the search button in the blue strip across the top of each page and type in what you want to look for. Hope this helped.

    Also this is a good site to go to look at candlings.
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