Can I steal eggs from broody turkeys MORE ? 3/19


14 Years
Jul 17, 2008
DC Region
After they go to sleep and NOT break her broodiness?

ALL the chickens are laying in there with her! She can't hatch a million eggs and I don't want her trying to hatch all the chicken eggs too!

Lazy sods should do their own work.

I know I shouldn't move a turkey that's gone broody but OMG, all my other eggs are under the hissing fool of a turkey.

She would of course decide to lay them in the hen house and NOT the turkey coop. Darn bird.

So now I have the turkey equivalent of Godzilla hissing at me from the nest box.

I'd throttle her if I didn't want poults so badly.

Okay NOW the other one has gone broody, tried to lay them out in the blackberry patch. Now I just got her back in the turkey coop with her eggs and need to yank a bazillion berry thorns out of my hide. I hate herding turkeys!!! Especially in bramble patches. Some days free ranging sucks.

She actually seems to be accepting the new site.

The one in the Hen house got all the EGGS really dirty today because she dustbathed in some really damp soil. Are they okay? And she started biting me hard. Darn thing.

Will wiping them with a dry soft cloth tomorrow hurt them? Or just leave it alone?

Turkeys just are harder than chickens -- they're not DOING it right!!! LOL

It'll be funny once I have poults on the ground and everyone is safe.

There's no dignity in gobbling to find where the Tom and Hen have gone to hide their eggs. These are things you don't think about when you idealize having babies. Gobble Gobble.
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