can I switch brands of my starter food?


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
Hi all,

I have 10 4week old bantam chicks and right now I feed them Manna Pro Medicated started crumbles. The only place I can find this is through My Pet Chicken in 5 lb bags and the shipping is more than the bag of food. Plus the fact that they are eating more and more now I have to really plan to always have food available but not too much that it goes bad.

My local Agway has their brand medicated starter "Mash" chick food and I was wondering if I could switch the brands. And are crumbles the same as mash, and if not does that matter too? I don't know if it'll will upset their systems or not. And will buying a 50lb bag only be good for a certain amount of time before it goes bad or loses nutrients?

Thanks as always!
10 week olds can eat mash or crumbles. I'm not sure exactly what the textures are. In my local Piggly Wiggly I can buy 10 or 25 pound bags of feed.

Feed can get old to the point of getting moldy, but you will be able to see it. I don't know how much bantams eat; never had them. I have 18 large fowl and have no trouble using 50 lbs. before it gets old, and they are free range so don't eat as much as confined birds do. If anything, I would think growing birds of that age would eat more than an adult.
Switching is a smart thing to do. They will continue to eat it just like before..and yes, they will continue to eat more and more of it, so go the best route for you....

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