Can I take Day old chicks from a broody hen?

Jun 14, 2018
So recently we gave 4 eggs to our broody silkie hen to hatch out. 1 Ayam Cemani and 3 Hedemoras to be exact, but I have a question. I like to form bonds with chicks so as they grow they won't mind being handled and other stuff like that. So I was wondering if I could take the three Hedemoras from the hen and let her the raise the Ayam cemani? It's currently Day 20 and they all have pipped so far. Me and the have both talked to the chicks thru the eggs so they do know both of our voices. I already have a brooder ready for the three chicks if I do take them but I would like to ask. Can you once they're dried off? The hen is not crazy wild but doesn't love being handled she's somewhere in the middle. And she has also hatched out chicks in the past (they weren't to socialized but not completely crazy)
What do you plan on doing with the chicks one you have "raised them" - put them back with the Ayam Cemani?
Doesn't seem quite right to me, what's the point of having a broody to raise chicks. Instead of taking them away - go out and spend time with all of them since the broody is not crazy wild - you may find that you tame her more as well. Sit and talk with the chicks and let them interact with you. It's a win-win - you tame them, they get to be with broody, you don't have the extra power bill running a brooder, no stink in the house and nothing extra to clean up.

Just my 2¢
I’m in a similar situation but this is the first time I have let a broody hatch this may sound stupid but will it make her sad if I take the chicks?

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