Can i train my chickens to go inside my house?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by americana-lover, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. americana-lover

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    Apr 13, 2012
    I would love to have my chickens go in my house, they're clean enough, but the problem is that they're not trained to go to the bathroom in a specific spot. Is there any way i can train my girls to use the littler box or newspapers like my cat?

  2. kellysmall87

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    I don't think you could train them because chickens seem to just "go" when they need to "go" and seems fairly involuntary. But you could try a linen/towel nappy :)
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  3. salt and pepper

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    there are stories of chickens learning where to go by just watching the cats in the family, but there will be a lot of messes before it gets to that point!
  4. kellysmall87

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    If you have wipeable floors then give it a go! :) Let me know how you get on!
  5. CluckyCharms

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    I think chickens mainly poop wherever because most of the time they are out and about and not confined to a certain area. There are lots of chickens who go potty only in a certain spot and nobody trained them to.
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  6. Achickenwrangler#1

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    Aug 7, 2011
    west virginia
    You can train your chicken to go inside your house, training it Not to would then be a problem. Chickens don't have the capacity to wait to poo like other animals. Some parrots can be trained to a limited extent. It may be fun to take your chicken inside but think about it a little. Not all chicken poo is firm and easy to clean up, they also have alot of dander that will be flying around in the air, landing on counter tops, and all. It might be better to move out to the chicken coop!
  7. kellysmall87

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    True, and you will have to think about bacteria in that poop and the dander getting onto your chest. Might be unpleasant.
  8. hokankai

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    May 18, 2010
    SW WA
    Being a microbiologist...the thought of this grosses me out. I bring mine in when they need to be groomed, but always clean up afterwards. Their poop has a wonderful assortment of bacteria, and possibly parasites, that could easily be spread even if they stay on the floor (by feet and hands). That and who knows if they have any external parasites they could bring into the house....*shudder*.
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  9. cary 1973

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    my chickens learned how to use my doggy door and with having a 14 year old lab I cant shut her in our out my chickens from me saying NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and chase them out side when they do the stop squat has made it where the droppings are not as bad as when they first came in they can come in take a nap hang out ext and with 4 chickens in and out from sun up till after sun down i may have to clean up about 10 droppings a day my floor is cement and the part that dose have carpet has been runied by my old dog so i dont freak out to bad i use bactrial clean up on the wet ones and the dry ones (witch that god 99% most of them are) i just pick up and put them in out side can. I also dont walk around my room with out shoes on but as soon as my honeybear goes to the rainbow bridge and i put new flooring in then chickens are getting the boot unless I buy chicken dipers and i am not so sure if i will do that
  10. kellysmall87

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    Yes, my point exactly. They harbour all sorts of pests despite "looking" clean.

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