Can I transport fertilized eggs in plan from Netherlands to AFGHANISTAN !

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Oct 6, 2018
Can I transfer or ship 10,000 fertilized eggs through airplane from Netherlands to Afghanistan without being damaged or decreasing fertility rate ?

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Nov 23, 2010
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I think you can. But they have to be in a carry on bag (not in checked luggage) and specially padded at that. Make sure they hand inspect and don't get x-rayed.
I know someone that has carried eggs at least a dozen times from the US to the Philippines.
Many people have hand carried hatching eggs from Europe and Asia to the US. That's how new breeds get here.
Have you taken all the steps to do so legally/paperwork?
Good luck and let us know how you pack them and how it goes.
Never mind. Sorry. I just noticed you said 10,000 eggs. You can still do it but I still wouldn't let them go in the cargo hold.
Do you know how much space 10,000 eggs takes up?
You may have to find a transport company that will do it in a pressurized cargo space.
You may be able to buy a couple extra seats and bring perhaps 1,000 eggs with special airline approval.
How were you planning on packing them?
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Feb 6, 2016
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carry the eggs in your carry on bag, well wrapped, and be really careful with the bag not to knock it, rock it, drop it, wobble it or make any sort of movement that an egg wouldn't usually go through when in a nest. Check with import/export about scanning or x-raying eggs. I'm not sure exactly what EU law is on transporting fertilised eggs albeit I do know that you'll need a vet's certificate to say that the eggs come from a healthy flock before they can be transported legally out of the EU.

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