Can I turn off the heat lamp?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by BYOChickens, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Dec 23, 2010
    My girls are 3-4 weeks old now and are feathering out. I have them in a 50 gallon tub and in my den out back. No heat in the den but fully insulated dwelling. My question is can I turn off the heat lamp? I have been raising the height of the lamp each week and the girls seem fine. Can I remove the heat source yet? They are growing fine. At what age should I move them to the outside coop? We have our temps getting down to the 40's-50's at night and the days 60-70's. I don't have a heat source hooked up in the coop. Anyways, the girls seem like they will soon outgrow their current quarters and need to think about the move. Any thoughts?
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    Yes, they're outgrowing their tub. Make plans now for where they are headed. If you can string a heavy duty extension cord, you can give them heat adequate, even in a garage, coop or barn. They only need heat another 10-12 days, then you won't even need to provide that.

    Plus, the days are getting warmer, as spring takes hold.

    So, yes, they still need some heat. 75-80 degrees is plenty. But they still need that for another 10-12 days. Then done.
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    At 3-4 weeks old they still need it to be about 80-75 degrees in their brooder. I wouldn't leave them outside in the coop if they aren't fully feathered yet.
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    At that age mine had a heat lamp at night and during the day they spent outside in 50-60 degree weather with their heatlamp nearby if they wanted it. They never chose to use it on sunny days. By 5-6 weeks I moved them outside where I kept the heatlamp on over night for one week by then they were all but fully feathered.
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    Mar 20, 2011
    They will be just fine in a coop now... Provide a heat lamp for cooler nights for another week or so! Then they will be fine.
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