Can I turn the light off now?


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Sep 22, 2010
Hi all, My girls have been in the coop for a week and a half. They are 5 weeks old on Monday and I would say pretty well feathered out. I have been turning the heat light on only at night and they have been outside all day. Today's temp was only in the 60s. The temps are still only in the mid 40s or low 50s at night. They are all on the roost right now in a nice little row and none of them were complaining when I just went to check on them. Should I turn the light on for them at night still? Thx.
I would do it at least until they're 8 then they're fully feathered and able to deal with the colder temps successfully....better safe than sorry! Mine are brooded and raised in the garage until they're fully feathered and then I let them out into the coop...but I'm a worrywart. I just feel that I've put all this time into them...why rush it? This is just my opinion though. Good luck!!!
this time of the year we only use the heat bulb for 2 weeks if needed and then they get a 40 watt light bulb. Haven't had any losses yet.

If they are not roosting directly under the lamp, I would say turn it off.
I am in Maine as well and I put my RIRs outside and the light in the coop didn't come on the first night they were in the coop and and i didn't know about it until the next morning and they were fine. they are 5 weeks old and seem to be thriving now that they are outside. I never did get the light working for them.
I tried to wean my 29 chicks off of having a light on at night and the first night without the light they piled up and killed one of my polish. I will have a soft light on at night for them for a long long time yet. They will b 9 weeks old next week.

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